Hi Friends!

Friends With A Twist is a podcast hosted by two best friends who met through a swinging website. They share their experiences, both good and bad, in the hopes to provide insight and direction for fellow likeminded lifestyle individuals. Every episode we have a "chick chat," everyday tips for life in the swinging lifestyle, we talk about all of our scandalous encounters, surprise questions from our husbands, and propose questions for the listeners for them to provide swinging lifestyle experiences through our Twitter, Instagram, and email accounts.

How to Listen

Our podcast is hosted on all major podcasting services.

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Upcoming Events

We enjoy visiting lifestyle clubs, attending parties, traveling for lifestyle events and lifestyle resorts. Here are some of the major events we are looking forward to attending. We often make last minute decisions to attend clubs and parties in the PA & NJ area. Keep an eye on our SLS profile to see what we are signed up to attend. Feel free to reach out and let us know of great events that we should attend!

  • NYE party - The whole FWAT gang will be at the Happy Endings 2021 party with Philly Friction!!

  • Desire Pearl - April 15 -20, 2022. Kenzie and Gary are heading back to their favorite place...DESIRE PEARL! Hope to meet some new friends and listeners.

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