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Here are some of the questions we frequently receive.

About Us

Who are you?

Madison and Kenzie are best friends who met in the lifestyle. Madison, the beautiful busty blonde, is married to Barry. Kenzie, the bodacious brunette, is married to Gary. We don't take ourselves too seriously and love to have fun sharing our stories on the podcast.

How did you meet?

We all met when Madison and Barry responded to a hot date that Kenzie and Gary posted on the SLS website. We hit it off and have been friends ever since!

About the Podcast

Why Podcast?

Both couples have about 10 years of experience in the lifestyle. With two difference perspectives and 20 years of fun, adventures, and lessons learned under our belts, we thought it would be fun to share all of that with you!

Why "Friends With A Twist?"

We all enjoy meeting new people and making friends in the lifestyle that we can have fun with both in the bedroom and outside of it. It's so fun to know that our friends have a sexy twist ;-)

What is the format of the podcast?

We have several segments in each episode and try to give you about an hour of listening pleasure. Our Chick Chat segment catches you up on what's new in our sexy lives. In the Life in the Lifestyle segment we discuss various topics related to the lifestyle and offer our perspectives. The Going Deep segment is where we share the details of our sexy experiences and offer a takeaway message. In the final segment, the ladies answer a Surprise Question from the guys!

Listener Questions

My partner and I are curious about the lifestyle, but how do we even get started?!?!

We'd say that the best approach is focusing on how it could mutually benefit your own personal sex life & start slow. Maybe sign up for a party (via a lifestyle website) & go with the only intentions of checking things out, talking to others, seeing how others act in that type of environment. It may peak your interest more, or perhaps the opposite. Having an outlet to be open and try new things with others, without judgement, is so fun! But it will be a constant conversation on what you want, what you like/dislike & if you are both still comfortable. In our opinion, frequent and honest communication is the key to starting and being “successful” in the lifestyle. Taking baby steps and then discussing your thoughts and feelings at each step might be more comfortable than jumping into a full swap situation. But I know that jumping all in works well for some people, so to each their own!! Starting with Episode 10, we use the Life in the Lifestyle segment to break down the process of getting in to the lifestyle.

Pros & Cons of Friendships vs. Hook-ups

Neither way is right or wrong. It’s whatever makes you comfortable.

The casual, one-night stand type of hook-ups are good especially if you really just want to experience the physical side of things & see how that impacts/improves/excites your relationship. But if you require a deeper trust with others, then casual hook-ups probably won’t work for you.

We really do value those friendships first, then enjoying physical play when and if it happens. One potential advantage to having a somewhat regular couple or group of friends is that the physical stuff gets even better when you can really be yourself and be comfortable with the other person/couple.

We recommend a nice mix of both!

Do the four of you play after you record an episode?

We manage to have our fair share of sexy fun :-) We are good friends and spend a lot of time together, so we don't play all the time, but we have a good balance of vanilla and "twisty" time!

What advice do you have for single guys in the lifestyle?

Not every couple is looking for a single guy, so proceed with caution! Couples tend to get a lot messages from single guys, so you'll want to stand out. Here are a few suggestions:

  • DO NOT send a message that only says "hi" or "hey" or "wanna meet?" It's likely that you won't get a response.

  • DO NOT send dick pics!

  • DO read a couple's profile thoroughly and see if it mentions an interest in single guys.

  • DO send a message that shows you have read the profile. Or pay a compliment to a particular photo in the profile.

  • DO have clear, recent photos available.

  • Keep in mind that some couples have had less than ideal or flat out bad experiences with single guys, so they may be skeptical. You may need to be patient.

What songs are on your sexy playlist?

So many!!! Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

  • Pony by Ginuwine

  • Motivation by Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne

  • Close by Nick Jonas, Tove Lo

  • Sex You by Bando Jonez

  • Grind With Me by Pretty Ricky

  • Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D'Angelo

  • All The Time by Jeremih, Lil Wayne, Natasha Mosley

  • Anywhere by 112, Lil Zane

  • Body Party by Ciara

  • Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke

  • Boyfriend by Dove Cameron

  • I See Red by Everyone Loves an Outlaw

  • Feel It by Michele Morrone

  • Wicked Games by The Weeknd

  • Rope Burn by Janet Jackson

What sexy shows/movies can you recommend?

Here are a few that we've enjoyed:

  • How To Build a Sex Room (Netflix) - entertaining!

  • 365 Days (Netflix) - little weird overall, but some steamy scenes!

  • Sex Explained (Netflix) - informative

  • The Principles of Pleasure (Netflix) - informative